Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008 Certified)
We at Burhani Engineering Works L.L.C. are committed to work in a team to maintain a leading position in the Quality of Steel Fabrication Products and services to meet the expectations of our customers with continual improvement in quality management systems.
  • Usage of best raw material and On Time Delivery
  • Quality checking at every stage.
  • To cover all safety health and environmental issues.
  • Immediate action upon customer complaints.
  • Adoption of up date know how for the enhancement of performance.
OHSAS (ISO 18001:2007)
The management philosophy at BURHANI ENGINEERING incorporates occupational health & safety excellence as a core value. Along with our customers, contractors and suppliers, we share the vision that we can perform our activities in such a way that no one gets hurt and nothing gets harmed or adversely impacted. Therefore, it is our policy to:
  • Comply with all relevant OH&S legislation, regulations and other requirements
  • Ensure that systems are developed and implemented to identify, assess, monitor, periodically review and control OH&S impacts related to our business activities
  • SetOH&S objectives and targets, and achieve superior performance (i.e., hazard elimination, no accidents or incidents) through the utilization of a continual improvement process.
  • Constantly promote safety and health awareness in all our people
  • Preserve and enhance our corporate reputation in the community as a safe and healthy place to work.
  • Assess risk realistically and respond honestly to internal and external concerns regarding risk assessments.
  • Provide necessary training and education to enable our employees to understand and perform their roles and responsibilities involved with their job functions
  • Implement mechanisms to communicate with and obtain input from employees, customers, contractors and other interested parties to the OH&S Management System.
  • This statement of policy is the foundation that supports our entire OH&S Management System. It establishes our management philosophy with regard to the OH&S values, as well as a shared vision between our customers, and suppliers.
  • Our OH&S Policy describes the OH&S Management System responsibilities of BURHANI ENGINEERING organization, and control features necessary for achieving our OH&S vision.
  • At BURHANI ENGINEERING, we are committed - ethically, financially and personally - to a working environment where no one gets hurt and nothing gets harmed.